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Jen reveals that she is having greater financial misfortunes than she's let on, and Naomi becomes sympathetic.

Jen joins Naomi at the prom as she accompanies Ryan while he is on duty.

Upon discovering this later, Liam was left to believe that he'd been betrayed.

He then followed Jen to bed, where the two acted on their mutual spite for Naomi.

At the event, she is reunited with her old guidance counselor, Kelly Taylor, who recently dated Ryan as well.

Tension abounds between the women, due largely to Kelly holding a low opinion of Jen's personal character.

This prompted Annie to leave the party while reporting the underage drinking to the police. The party came to an end, however, when police officers arrived on the scene.Unbeknownst to Jen, Liam recorded one of her confession/threats on his cellphone as proof, but later erased it.Jen and Ryan continued to date in an open relationship which allowed her to date richer boyfriends for perks, but she got jealous when Ryan started dating a bartender.However, when Jen claims to be having financial difficulties, Naomi takes care of the cost herself, with Jen stating that she would pay her back later.After the two have moved in, Naomi confronts Jen as additional expenses mount.