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Although most of those encounters ended up being “one night stands” or hookups, great memories were formed, adding to the overall college experience and urban lifestyle. Personalize the city and make it yours to cherish; four years will zoom by before you know it.

According to a recent study by online dating site, those who are seeking a serious relationship should consider coming to Boston, reports Business Insider.

The Esplanade, a park and “Adult Playground” located on the Charles River and just a few blocks from Emerson College, is where Emerson, Northeastern, BU, and other surrounding college students meet and greet.

They gather together by the dock, which overlooks the river and the city of Cambridge, make a few mistakes, and create memories.

It’s perfect for a first date or romantic encounter: playing Disclosure beats or The Beatles tunes, having a picnic at the park, taking advantage of the playground, or watching boats sail along the sparkling water make for a lovely evening.

It’s not just me either way, my roommate and single friends have the same problem,” commented reader Rachel T. Monica O’Neal—a clinical psychologist practicing in the Back Bay—profiled the escapades of her single and dating therapy patients, stating that the Boston dating scene comes with “unrelenting anxieties.” Just as the study reported, “the good news is that overall, Boston is a great place to meet other vibrant, intelligent and successful singles.

Approximately 50.2% of the city is single,” stated Dr. “Boston residents get married later than in most major cities, and Massachusetts consistently boasts one of the lowest divorce rates.” Despite the optimal factors of Boston’s dating pool, Dr.

Here comes college with all its randomness and casual hookups, and we begin to wonder, how serious can dating possibly be during school?

With lively times at parties and unexpected encounters at social events, high expectations of finding love and a “soulmate” shouldn’t be set, at least not freshman year.