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Likely to continue in his ward but Steve Chia might move to other district to contest.Chua Chu Kang, is a division with younger electorates, Steve Chia might wish to tap on his relevance to their generation and contest.If PAP sends a totally new candidate, it means that they might be allowing one more opposition into the parliament.What we might see is Sitoh Yi Pin (who lost to Chiam See Tong) contesting this ward.Hence, he might not be as close to the residents compared to Low Thia Khiang from WP. One, transfer George Yeo to other GRCs and play safe, but this will invite criticism of him shying away from election battle.For a Minister tipped to be a future DPM, he has to face the battle.He is another popular MP and very “grassroots” man.

He is one of the oldest MP is the last elections and won it by the largest margin.

Two, keep George Yeo in the GRC and face election battles but transfer “grassroots MPs”, such as Ong Ah Heng or Wang Kai Yuen, to Aljunied.

There might be some boundary changes and transfer some electorates to Tampiness or Pasir Ris-Pungol GRC, where they are much stronger.

It is likely that the boundary for Jalan Kayu will be carved out for other GRCs. Dr Balaji is likely to remain as he is quite popular in Cheng San and is unlikely to be promoted before the elections (usually there won’t be two full Ministers in a GRC when contesting).

Dr Tan is the second MP to Teck Ghee division (PM Lee’s ward) when PM is not around, so it is unlikely he will leave.