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He was the one who always text me throughout the week.Now this is where my pride comes into place; I do not really care if he is a duche bag or a good guy, I want him back so I can prove to myself that I can get him back. My question is how can I make an aries man come back into my life? He pursued me on Facebook, we exchanged numbers, and two weeks later hung out.

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Our friendship was amazing, but I started to like him.He told me that he does not want a relationship but a female companion. He said someone I can go out to dinner with, take vacations, spend time with hisfriends, make dinner for each other, and etc.He then turned to me and asked me if I want to be his 'female companion'? It was weird, when I was with him I felt like a princess but then there were days where he wouldn't text me (Let me add that I hardly ever text him).If he thought I was an awesome friend then why would he not fight for our friendship?I text him the next day and told him that my reaction derived from built up emotion that was never communicated to him and that it is not apart of my character to drop someone from my life without a legitimate excuse. I'm an aries guy and i'll try to help, as i've been on the opposite side of this one waaaay too many times. Sure relationships are good but they have a big opportunity cost (especially if the woman is clingy). She'd have to be really damn perfect to be worth the sacrifice.