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The Jonkonnu cowhead attire is made from a pan, or from half a shell of a coconut, with holes allowing for the insertion of real horns.The headdress is worn over a headwrap and a wire screen mask with painted facial features; a cloth tail is attached to the dancer’s backside.The law passed emphasized three main areas: Kingston.They as a group developed the Chinese Benevolent Society, founded by Chung Fah Fuicon in 1890.

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The traditional and English based troupes dress differently with the latter wearing ‘fancy dress’, while the former demonstrated a strong African influence.Traditionally, the Jonkonnu festival was held on a regional basis accounting for differences in characters, costumes and performance styles.The English influenced troupes never include animal characters.Hence, Christmas formed an appropriate season for festivities as all normal business activity on the island was halted by official decree and all males were called up for military service, augmenting the population in the larger towns.Therefore, ample opportunity was given to the slaves to show off their talents to the spectators who had also been given time off from work.