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Based off an erotic doujinshi of the same name, Ojou-sama wa H ga Osuki focuses on a number of titillating adventures involving the sexual exploits of two sibling princesses who absolutely adore a little hanky-panky.

When Professor Ayabe spied one of his students masturbating in the colleges storage room he was understandably intrigued, if not a little aroused, by the succulent pleasure unfolding before his eyes.

It was only after he heard her calling his name that everything changed, as his initial sexual apprehension was quickly subdued by a little female-inspired coercion.

Unfortunately for the timid Professor, this whole dream situation was just that, as he now finds himself being blackmailed into training various school girls into being obedient little sex slaves to be sold off to the highest bidder...

Plus you can utilize the streaming hentai clips and trailers section to help you find what tickles you fancy!

If you're a fan of Japan, we're here to help you find what's good and avoid what's not.

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Now, as his research nears completion, hes going to use his former student and love interest Keiko as his final test subject in his perverse experiment.Zenith Chronicles is the first release from Mango Drop Games and is a bishoujo-esque title that gives you both an in-depth storyline along with a plethora of sidescroller action to test your mettle.You assume the role of the wandering sellsword Dain who, along with his female companion Alija, offer up their unique skills to any who will pay a pretty penny to see their troubles resolved. Haruhiko Yamagishi, was expelled from academia after he tried to create a human clone.It's what I'm here for ^.^ Site News and Review Updates: Fed up with mankind polluting her precious ocean, a cute undersea squid known as Squid Girl decides to take measures into her own hands and invade those who would contaminate her home.Unfortunately for her, this task may be more than a little ambitious, even if her initial aims arent all that grandiose.