Angie martinez dating q tip

In Hollywood, it seems that everyone dates everyone and relationships start and end as quickly as people change underwear.

But the best Hollywood relationships, even if they don’t last, are the ones that nobody knew about. But let’s be clear: there’s a difference between simply dating in Hollywood, and claiming one another in a relationship.

What upsets me is that I had been trying to reach ' Pac's mom for the past couple of months.

I've been trying to get with her to try talk about a couple things—what her thoughts with, I really wanted to be respectful, and I put a note in the book that ' Pac sent and she has the original. I'm not sure where it's gonna happen but it just has to respectful and done well, it's been so long at this point.

Even in this, writing this, in a story where she helped me, I told her so she knows. If I could be honest, that was one of the milder stories.This has been a re-enactment of the celebrity feud. No we were not privy to the actually exchanges, but we can only tell our own version. Well Angie has detailed it all in her newly released autobiography titled My Voice: A Memoir. Two years ago, Angie Martinez surprised the radio world when she left her longtime role at Hot 97 for Power 105.1.This move predicated the move Big Boy made out in Los Angeles.