American women dating nigerian man

I have used white women to denote all non-African women from the US, Latin America, Europe and elsewhere. After several years of living in the US, some seems to have come to the conclusion that African women are simply too raw, unrefined and conservative.

The question here is simple: why are African men into white women? The alternative then becomes women who, in their opinion, are stylish, sassy and spunky and nontraditional.

That is to say that the African immigrants are not much different from other immigrants who come to the US in search of the American dream.

America, after all, is the land of endless possibilities.

The data in question seem not to separate Africans from the African-Americans and the general non-white pool.

Therefore, one is unable to make statistically valid deductions as to why Africans, in greater numbers, are attracted to and are marrying white women.

” As my cousin, Raphael Harry puts it, “…now they are in a foreign land they need to try something else and some ended up loving what they tasted and never went back....

Many men, it seems, find this direct approach joyful and liberating and aphrodisiacal.

In spite of the aforesaid, one must be careful not to generalize.

To get their feet inside the American door, therefore, some believe they needed an agreeable native to help them through this process (without which the American dream may become very difficult to achieve).

The third factor revolves around the issue of compatibility and companionship.