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When Heath notices Dexter Walker (Charles Cottier) filming him and friends, he puts him in the boot of his car and dumps him in the bush.

Heath causes a lot of trouble with the police for dealing drugs and loitering on the beach.

Heath decides to leave the Bay, but Bianca stops him. When Jade Montgomery (Tasma Walton) comes to the Bay after Mangrove River High is burnt down, she tries to frame Heath with an assault claim, but is thwarted by Tamara Kingsley (Kelly Paterniti).

While Heath is visiting Brax's girlfriend, Ricky Sharpe (Bonnie Sveen), in the hospital, a bomb explodes.

Heath cheats on April with Henrietta Brown (Emma Leonard) and she breaks up with him.

Bianca marries Liam and finds out that she is pregnant.

And while the rain held out last night, to beat February’s seasonal climate the date for future festivals will be brought forward to December, with the next one being staged on Dec.

Bianca develops pre-eclampsia and tells Heath that if anything happens, he must tell the doctors to save the baby. She develops postnatal psychosis and thinks her baby is dead. Bianca eventually recovers and she and Heath name their son Rocco. Heath becomes angry with Casey when he shoots their father dead and refuses to talk to him for a while.Heath had many relationships in and out of the show.He dated Henrietta Brown before he moved to Summer Bay.When he learns that the couple are planning to leave the Bay, Heath hires Hayley O'Connor (Alyssa Mc Clelland) to help him get joint custody.Liam and Bianca split up and Heath drops the court case.