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Charts of the crowd’s voting behavior will be projected to drive the direction of the piece.Multiple cameras will focus on individual dancers, projecting their images on various screens.This spacious pop will fit well in Elsewhere’s main room, which features an interactive light installation.Mndsgn is joined by the up-and-coming New York producer Yaeji, a dance-music prodigy in her own right.But as its sound has shifted, the band has maintained its foundational knack for catchy songwriting and absorbing performances, complete with sing-alongs that inspire its teenage fans. beatmaker Mndsgn has been known for his intricate, jazzy productions, along the lines of Flying Lotus.They’ll play here with another So Cal favorite, Wavves, whose bratty garage pop continues to attract a certain brand of disaffected youth. Until last year, that is, when he released Body Wash, an album of productions featuring chilled-out Eighties synths and funky beats.—Hazel English’s dreamy, jangly guitar pop follows in the tradition of indie pop artists like Beach Fossils and Camera Obscura.English is originally from Sydney, and though she’s made her home in Oakland, California, her music is reminiscent of many bands from Australia’s scene.

The era, 1930s; the setting, the Menagerie, a jazz club out of which “the Professor” (played by Anthony Logan Cole) and his coterie of misfits operate an underground sideshow full of sins and secrets.Patiently, dances a Charleston of mid-’90s hacky bullshit, garnished with hair gel, fancy new slang, and reliable public transportation in Los Angeles.But if the packaging seems quaint, the film derives great power from carefully aligning the concerns of its characters with larger philosophical questions that remain no less thorny today.opening in theaters, the multitalented Greta Gerwig has programmed a series of thirteen cinematic “footnotes” at the Quad (running through the 9th), with the actress and director in person at select screenings.The New York artist Jefre Cantu-Ledesma will perform his guitar- and drum machine–based looping lullabies, while the French ambient electronic artist Felicia Atkinson brings her muted, hypnotic beats. — and now celebrating the 45th anniversary of his passionate and deeply loyal Rochester-based troupe, returns to the Joyce with local premieres in his signature style: a combination of modern dance, ballet, and Afro-Caribbean techniques.The collaboration CV & JAB (cinematic ambient artist Christina Vantzou and John Also Bennett, the latter of the New York group Forma) will make their U. On the program is Fagan’s new sounds like a first: In this full-length multi-media dance, audiences will interact with the performers using cellphones with which to “like” sections of the work, thereby participating in a TV reality dance competition and selecting a winner.