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But this time, Krad has no memory of himself or what happened in the past. Quatre ans après la mort de Kira, on décompte bon nombre de disparitions étranges au beau milieu des océans. 25, he meets Takano-san again and faces the decision of telling him about his illness or keep him in the dark until the day he dies. Quand les personnages de Kuroko no Basket pètent les plombs et prennent leur clavier, leur crayon, leur plume ou tout ce qu'ils veulent en main... I came up with this because I saw a story like it once but I never found it after so I made my own. Et maintenant, le revoilà à l'assaut avec son putain de cul venu du paradis ! (Spa Mano) [25/01/2016] CORRECTION: 3/18Kise a tout pour lui : il est beau, il est cool et il est doué en sport. Kenapa cincin nasib hanya membawanya pada kesedihan? Ilusi apa yang bahkan sanggup mempermainkan seorang Dewa?

French and chinese, I aslo learn english but my english was to bad for talk with you (yeah, british, americain, australian... Donc bonjour bonjour, je suis une française avec des origines chinoises qui comprend anglais mais qui a dû mal à former des phrases compte tenu de la grammaire anglaise que je ne connais pas encore entièrement.Contains hypnosis, some fluff, semi-dark/OOC 1Ps, I might add some 1PItaly X2PItaly in later chapters. S: A friend of mine is helping me out with this so half credit goes to them.Luciano is having money issues so he gets a job as a entertainer at a local Italian brothel but when he meets a cute American can he finally find some sunshine in his life. Hashirama Senju is the student body president at North Konoha High School.Meanwhile Tobirama, Hashirama's younger brother, is the school's top athlete who's teammates harass his secret crush, the openly gay cheerleader Izuna Uchiha.AU Simple/Drabblish When Arthur Kirkland wins a contest and the prizes are some Hetalia units he is not happy. Et si Lacie n'avait jamais rencontré Jack ce fameux jour de neige quand il avait 15 ans?