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Things go pretty smoothly until, well, it gets awkward… We asked our friends at Ask Men what the guys could have done differently…

and it seems like maybe they should have arrived with gifts for the ladies on their Valentine’s Day dates? Heck, even the ladies could have tried bestowing gifts upon the guys, just to gauge their reactions their reactions and see if they’re ‘boyfriend’ material.

They discuss her archery skills and her peculiar Valentine’s Day appetites, seeming to find some common ground.

Find someone special and try out a theme park or something different, like snowshoeing.

And who could forget Harry Stevens and his hot dog? Stevens, there wouldn’t be any hot dogs to eat on game day.

You don’t have to cross the Mason-Dixon Line in order to get great southern food, and the rest of Ohio offers mouthwatering cuisine that is about as varied as the people who live there.

Hands down, one of the best things about Ohio is the people.

They’re outgoing and down-to-earth, the result of the perfect combination of southern, midwestern, and northern personalities.