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Donna called Trevor a pig again and they all agreed to call it a night.

You could be having sex in seconds with a women perfectly matched for you.Trevor made his usual suggestion that they hit the tub. Trevor, always the outgoing one, started pushing the girls to take off their tops. Her tits were not as big as Donna's but were perky and firm.Donna started scolding him about being a pig when Erin stood up in the tub. Trevor applauded, "Come on Donna show us yours." Erin pulled Donna up, then tugged the tie in the back of Donna's top freeing her breasts." Trevor started to reach his hands out to her tits. No touching, just get a nice look," she said squeezing her tits in front of him.Donna was just standing in front of Stan looking a little embarrassed but trying to be sexy. She let out a little yelp when she realized she had her hand on his hard cock. Your wife bumped me." Stan was embarrassed but turned on, "That's okay, I don't mind." Rather than remove her hand Donna squeezed his cock, feeling the length of it.