Adult chat search engine

If you wanted to find out who Microsoft’s current CEO is, what would you search for if….

a) You were on your computer and typed in your search phrase?

He attributed that in part to the fact that people are increasingly comfortable using speech commands, and also because of the quality of results.

Interestingly, a voice search query can sometimes indirectly lead to a SERP with ads being served as well.

Recently at SMX West, Google’s Director of Conversational Search Behshad Behzadi presented a keynote on how Google is approaching voice search.

Behzadi shared that Google has seen the ratio of voice search growing much faster than text search.

All those times you’ve wished for a better way to understand intent and personalize more effectively? Voice-activated technology is going to switch things up for us marketers, in many beneficial ways. In most cases, if you’re using a personal assistant and activating with your voice, you’re doing some kind of voice search.

And that is the element of voice command I’ll be referring to.