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Without people like you, we wonder if anything big and positive would ever happen for the world. ________________________________________________________________________________________ This is the first attempt since the Google Internet Gestapo (GIG) arrested me, a few weeks ago, for sending Flash Reports that they determined to be SPAM.You did everything so selflessly, without fanfare, fuss or even asking for credit.Without you, this experiment would have long failed.

believing, pushing and giving us the confidence and energy to keep on keeping on.Everyone from my era knows what that product was/is.It used to be eaten because we were poor and now people eat it to be chic. For the last 18 days an attempt has been made to keep those with any interest in the KOM league news updated through this site.August 23, 2013 I'm not sure how many people even bother to check this site for updates.If you do and would like to see a brand new Flash Report with all the excitement those stories generate let me know.