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A set of 314 original episodes aired between June 1949 and September 1955 with ".22 Rifle For Christmas" and "The Big Little Jesus" usually re-run during Christmas time.

Friday and Romero go searching for a criminal dubbed the "werewolf" by the media, who has beaten up and robbed eighteen young women in LA's Central district.

As the Christmas season approaches, Friday and Romero receive a call from Utah from the mother of a woman called, Juanita Laskey, who reports her daughter missing.

Friday and Romero promise to try and bring her home by Christmas.

Friday and Romero search for the murderer of an informant, a small-time narcotics user named Benny Trounsel, who was beaten to death shortly after tipping the cops to a new narcotics ring stealing from Doctors surgeries and hospitals in town.

Dragnet, the radio series, premiered on NBC on June 3, 1949 and ended on February 26, 1957.A gang of "blitz bandits" have started to work in Los Angeles.Their pace is fast, with three to four and even five robberies each night, including liquor stores and restaurants.Agnes Kelby has suddenly disappeared from her home, and on the surface, it appears only as a routine missing persons case.Friday and Romero investigate and find that Eric Kelby, Agnes's husband is acting very suspiciously by Insisting that his wife isn't missing will Friday and Romero find the woman or find her murderered?

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