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Commenter Marja Erwin posted a comment that included this very interesting link. Under the comic and a comment about it, Valerie Keefe makes a comment of her own. You know where this kind of thing is considered a crime or some kind of gross offense?

The comic shows a young woman on a park bench doing something on some kind device. Oh the righteous female anger of the oppressed raised in opposition to hegemonic masculinity. He was using the term “crime’ metaphorically as part of a set phrase, but the comic does in fact treat a man daring to sit next to a young woman as a crime worthy of summary execution.

If you sent a personal check to a scammer, they have all your bank account details. The person uses names Anthony Victor (senior tech) Sandria and Jerry. Extremley pushy to charge you 9.99 to fix your computer. I have called and reported to all government authorities. I even called the Attorney General is Massachusetts. I told them I wanted this transaction cancelled and I did not need their service, they took the money from our bank account and I contacted the bank the next morning, THE NAME OF THE COMPANIES INVOLVED ARE CALLED MY EASY PC REPAIR LLC, they are suppose to be located in Murray, Utah, they then switch you over to a company named CUBE SOLUTIONS , they are supposedly located in Tampa, FL, when checking on the Secretary of State and Attorney General's office no company listed by that name.

You may want to contact your bank and ask how to protect your account. I had a pop up and said they were part of Microsoft windows and a number pop up 18. They are the one who holds your computer hostage and dowloads all information in your computer. My credit card was notified immediately and closed and created a new one and the credit card company let it threw. I also reported both companies to the Federal Trade Commission. These people set up a pop up screen to lock up your computer, if this happens, just pull the plug, or press in on your power button and hold for 10 seconds until it shuts -down.

Paying someone to get rid of a virus that isn’t there.

She slams the comic and the commenter, calling one one or both “cissies”. In India, as when an Untouchable or someone too far down the caste scale gets too close to some high-caste person.Man said I had computer issues with Microsoft Windows, very heavy accent hard to understand.I told him I was not interested and to remove my number from their calling list. They first said they were from Microsoft and had me bring up the error logs. The said I had a virus called "KOOBFACE" which was not detectable by my security software and Microsoft had them contact me.et on the North Kona Coast of Hawaii Island, Four Seasons Resort Hualalai boasts a dramatic mix of white-sand beaches, dazzling oceanfront and black-lava landscapes.Enjoy championship golf, island-fresh dining, and a genuine aloha spirit during your stay at our Big Island luxury resort in Kona, Hawaii.